Apple Cider Vinegar Washing

Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing treatment for hair, and chances are it’s just hanging out in your pantry, waiting to be discovered. The vinegar is a gentle acid that can help regulate the PH of your scalp, temporarily tighten your cuticle, lock in hair color, reduce excess oil, and calm scalp issues like dermatitis, dandruff, and psoriasis.

Apple cider vinegar is great for when you want to remove product or oil and refresh your hair, but a shampoo could be too drying. It’s great for curly clients who are trying to wean off of, or reduce, their shampooing!

We recommend that you buy the generic apple cider vinegar for use in your hair. As much as we love raw apple cider vinegar, we have found that the acidity is not consistent the way it is with pasteurized apple cider vinegar and you can end up pickling your hair!

To give yourself an apple cider vinegar treatment:
– Mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water, pour it in to a spray bottle.
– Rinse your hair thoroughly under warm water, massaging your scalp to begin loosening up oils or buildup.
– Spritz your scalp liberally with your vinegar solution, and massage it throughout your scalp.
– Let that soak for 5 minutes.
– Massage through your hair again then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
– Follow with a conditioner!

You can even tint a small batch to enhance your hair color’s shine! – keep refrigerated and use within a week. It won't color your hair, but can add a really nice glow. 

Redheads- 1 c strong brewed Rooibos tea + 1TBS apple cider vinegar

Golden Blondes- 1 c strong brewed Chamomile tea + 1TBS apple cider vinegar

Deep Burgundy Redheads- 1/4 fresh beet juice* + 3/4 c Rooibos Tea + 1TBS apple cider vinegar *this can stain light hair, clothing, towels, etc so please be careful!

Brunettes, 1 c brewed black tea + 1TBS apple cider vinegar

Dark, cool Brunettes 1c strong brewed coffee or espresso + 1TBS apple cider vinegar

The only kitchen remedy we don’t recommend are Baking Soda washes. Baking soda is a harsh alkaline and a mild abrasive. What that means is that it will raise the cuticle of the hair and remove hair color, and it will aggravate sensitive scalps. We only use it when we need something harsh to help pull chlorine build-up from hair, or remove over deposited hair color. It is not a good idea when you want to preserve your color and shine!