Apple Cider Vinegar- DIY Hair Wonder Potion!

Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing treatment for hair, and chances are it’s just hanging out in your pantry, waiting to be discovered. The vinegar is a gentle acid that can help regulate the PH of your scalp, temporarily tighten your cuticle, lock in hair color, reduce excess oil, and calm scalp issues like dermatitis, dandruff, and psoriasis.

At The Hive we love to follow color services with a dilution of apple cider vinegar and water to help close the cuticle back down, and as an alternative to shampoo; it’s great for when you want to remove product or oil and refresh your hair, but a shampoo could be too drying. It’s great for curly clients who are trying to wean off of, or reduce shampooing!

To give yourself an apple cider vinegar treatment, simply mix 1 part vinegar (and brand works, raw or not!) to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. To use, rinse your hair thoroughly under warm water, spritz liberally with your vinegar solution, let soak for 10 minutes, massage, rinse, and condition- no shampoo necessary!

You can even tint a small batch to enhance your hair color’s shine! – keep refrigerated and use within a week

Redheads- 1 c strong brewed Rooibos tea + 1/4 c vinegar

Golden Blondes- 1 c strong brewed Chamomile tea + 1/4 c vinegar

Deep Burgundy Redheads- 1/4 fresh beet juice* + 3/4 c Rooibos Tea + 1/4 c vinegar *this can stain light hair, clothing, towels, etc so please be careful!

Brunettes, 1 c brewed black tea + 1/4 c vinegar

Dark, cool Brunettes 1c strong brewed coffee or espresso + 1/4 c vinegar

The only kitchen remedy we don’t recommend is Baking Soda washes- Baking soda is an alkaline and a mild abrasive, meaning that it will raise the cuticle and remove hair color, and will aggravate sensitive scalps. We only use it when we need something harsh to help pull chlorine build-up from hair, or remove over deposited hair color. Not a good idea when you want to preserve your color and shine!

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A few of my favorite things…..Jen

Jen isn’t shy about letting you know what she loves in life, so it was hard for her to only pick 6 things.


1. Intelligent Nutrients Scalp and Strand Serum- I lost an alarming amount of hair after having my baby last year, so I’m using our new hair regenerating serum to help reclaim what the joys of motherhood took from me. Ha ha ha!

2. Intelligent Nutrients Spray on Detangler- I seriously use this on EV-UH-RE-ONE. It’s cleansing, conditioning, anti-static, and curl smoothing, a;; while being fine hair friendly. Its the best multi-tasker in my tool box.

3. John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil- unlike some ‘miracle oils’ out there, this is actually oil- not silicone! I use this as a treatment in my hair, and daily on my face as my moisturizer- it’s the best!

4. Earl Grey Tea- A girl’s gotta drink something between cups of coffee right?

5. Delicata Squash- My all-time favorite fall and winter food.

6. Cast Iron cookware- Ok, I cannot afford a Le Creuset, but I still adore ceramic/cast pots for all of the soups and stews I cook during the winter.



A few of my favorite things…. Becca

Our resident cat lady dishes on her must-haves for winter

IMG_0166 FullSizeRender

1. Intelligent Nutrients Curly Hair Serum- The creamy consistency is hydrating, and can be air dried or diffused without crunch!

2. Intelligent Nutrients Styling Gel- Love this for blowouts or diffusing hair with tons of body, soft hold and shine. It cocktails great with the leave-in or the volumizing spray for blowouts.

3. Harmonics Shampoo and Conditioner- The shampoo is the ultimate multi-tasker, you can wash your hair, body, and teeth (!). The conditioner is hydrating without being heavy.

4, Soy Chai Latte with 2 shots espresso, aka “Venti Double Dirty Soy Chai”. This is my ultimate winter treat, served hot! Its got the spice of chia, plus the caffeine of espresso, and is the perfect morning indulgence.

5. Tights! I can add color to my outfits and still wear my favorite dresses and skirts without completely freezing. I’ve also been known to wear them under my pants during my winter commute.

6. Cat Snuggles. My cats are more likely to stay burrowed under the covers with me, and enjoy a lazy winter Sunday morning. Now, if only they could bring me a Dirty Chai….



A few of my favorite things… Pang!



You know her by her voice over the phone, but you may not know Pang as an expert cartwheeler, or a lover of hockey- our resident ‘old man’ lets us in on her favorite things for winter. IMG_0151

1. Alima Pure Minerals Powder Foundation; Easy to use, lightweight, and so affordable! I’m as low-key as it gets and this fits into my routine effortlessly.

2. Sea Mist! Easy to use wet or dry, and smells amazing!

3. The Wet Brush. EASY (have I said this enough yet?!), practical, and KID FRIENDLY! This has been a life saver for my daughters long hair, and they’re cute and durable. What more could you want?

4. Cosby Sweaters/Mens Hoodies. Heaven to me is a cozy, patterned, oversized sweater fit for your grandpa- the more details (think:elbow patches, fair isle, chunky buttons, deep pockets, cowl necks, hoods) the better! Combined with skinnies, and a pair of boots I can take on what Minnesota has to offer, happily.

5. The Holiday Season! The holidays bring our my inner Martha Stewart; I love gift giving, baking, and eating, and what better than to spend it all with family.

6. Hockey. No slap-shot master here, but I can ‘dribble’, make it up and down the rink, and attempt goalie. My husband and I are even teaching our daughter!



Our favorite dry hair remedies

Snowflakes, hot cocoa, sweaters… Winter brings out some of the coziest things I can think of, but, the bitter temps can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it flat, dull, and flakey. To help prepare, I’ve rounded up five of our biggest winter sellers that promise to banish static and bring on the moisture!


1. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil. Designed for hair and skin, this oil restoreselasticity and shine, and prevents breakage on dry, thirty hair- especially curls. To Use: try massaging a few pumps into your hair before bed, and wash and style as usual in the morning.

2. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Spray-On Detangler. Infused with Apple Cider Vinegar, this spray prevents frizz and static, and can help ease dry, flaky scalps. To Use: Spray liberally on damp hair before styling, or mist curly hair as an alternative to dry shampoo.

3. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hair Shine. Castor Emollients provide lightweight, yet deeply hydrating shine on dry hair, and perks up dull color. The lemongrass aroma reminds of a summer day. To Use: Mist into palms and smooth over hair, scrunch into curls- or, cocktail into your favorite gel for an ultra silky, soft blowout.

4. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Styling Pommade. Beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and jojoba oil makes this styler as hydrating as they come! Use on wet or dry hair to help draw more moisture into strands while adding a flexible, firm hold. To Use: We love to cocktail this into the IN Gel or Curly Serum for air drying or diffusing curly hair. Its great for short cuts too!

5. Intelligent Nutrients Curly Hair Serum. Patented Larch Resin helps to physically seal the cuticle of the hair without drying build-up. This significantly shortens your drying time (because who wants to leave the house with wet hair?), and locks in all of the benefits of your conditioner. To Use: Apply to damp curls, and air-dry or diffuse. You can cocktail this with any of your favorite gels, foams, or oils, too.


A few of my favorite things…. Emily

Our resident shoe aficionado gives us her fall survival must-haves for hair, and life.





1. Sea Mist; It’s great for adding roughness, or soaking up oil on silky-flat hair.

2. IN Leave-in; This is my go-to for anyone since it’s so lightweight yet super moisturizing.

3. Feed Your Roots Mousse; I love this for scrunching in curly hair- you can air dry or diffuse, and it’ gives great texture at the roots!

4. Hallmark Movie Channel ‘Countdown To Christmas; is my current guilty pleasure- nothing says ‘Holidays’ like a good, cheesy, lovey-dovey movie binge.

5. Boots, big sweaters, scarves, and a good lipstick.

6. Holiday Coffee Drinks! Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Fa-la-la Lattes, Pepermint Mochas- you name it- if it’s wintery, I probably like it!



Balayage vs Highlighting, Ombre vs Color Melt

Theres so many new terms being thrown around with hair color these days that it can be confusing trying to decide what technique you should have your stylist use. Ombre? Balayage? Foils?

Here’s what you need to know.

Balayage, means ‘to sweep’, and is a technique for adding dimension- highlights or lowlights. The color is painted on freehand, which allows for a softer amount of color at the roots, and more saturated ends which gives minimized regrowth (read: low maintenance!) When done properly, balayage looks like your hair did after being in the sun for a summer as a child.

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Highlighting, is  dimension done with aluminum foil, and creates a strong piece of color from the scalp to the ends. Depending on the direction and amount of color applied, foils can look either subtle, or severe.

8a455654ef8756f4a05e14991750472b c0f52809df07b273025b43ac8f84282b e70c9cf8dae44f60a949f091a8351116Ombre, is a look that can be created using many different techniques, whether with foils, balayaging.  The definition of ombre is “having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark”. Drew Barrymore’s extreme ombre helped launch the trend. With ombre, the whole head shifts from solid dark, to solid medium, to solid lightness, with very minimal dimension, if any at all.

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Color melting is similar to ombre, except instead of the entire head shifting from dark to light, only some of the hair shifts- making it like a blend between highlights, and ombre.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.51.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.51.54 PM



Keep in mind, all of these techniques and looks can transcend the color palette, meaning anyone can try them out as long as they use the proper color family!





Whether you call them bangs, fringe, or the icing on the cake, one things for sure; bangs are one of the strongest changes you can make with your hairstyle without coloring your hair. After adding a solid fringe on a gorgeous client the other day, I was inspired to do a little rundown of the options that lay before you all, lovely clients.

Baby Bangs

Short, sharp, and a statement piece.


Asymmetrical Bangs

Edgy, bold, and versatile- when outgrown they morph easily into side swept bangs.



Rockabilly Bangs

Retro-rama, mama.



Side Swept

Effortless, and can disappear into layers when no longer wanted.

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Bardot Bangs

Inspired by the french actress, these ride the eyebrows to the hollows of the cheekbone.





Not exactly side swept, not entirely classic, they cover the forehead but swoosh ever so slightly to the side. Great for the indecisive.




Classic Bangs

Brow grazing, and either entirely horizontal, or softly arcing across the tops of the cheekbones, the classic fringe is adaptable and always in style.

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Fall Inspiration

It’s official, Fall 2014 is all about bobs, and red hair.

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New Conditioning Oil Treatments- Just in time for Winter!

We have two new services with Jen and Becca-Hair and Scalp Treatment and Feed Your Youth oil treatments! Each contains certified organic oils, and coupled with a luxe length scalp massage and a trip under a hot dryer will infuse your hair and scalp with shine-enhancing essential fatty acids and moisture!

Feed Your Youth is spiked with avocado and yarrow oils and is perfect for hair that has been treated with keratin, or is becoming brittle with age.

Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil is full of Intellimune and Jojoba oil and seals color, clarifies the scalp, and calms dehydrated curls.