At The Hive Salonwe believe in transparency, education, and options. We want to give our staff and clients the ability to question the standards set forth by the cosmetics industry. Most of the ingredients in our everyday grooming rituals contain ingredients like plastic, petrochemicals, and phalates, or have been green-washed to lead you to believe they are safe. We wanted to elevate the standards of what we used on ourselves, and our clients, so we searched until we found products that were 100% plant based, and found options for clients who want to color their hair with minimal risk. We don’t want to say “you shouldn't do that’, but rather, “if you do that, try this”. Not only have we found safer alternatives to traditional salon services and products, we’ve also found ways to reduce the waste generated in our industry. We are a Greencircle Salons parter, and through our partnership we’ve reduced our waste by 95%. The salon industry can co-exist with being environmentally friendly, and we’re here to prove it. 

"We're not an organic salon, we're a conscious salon."

Our Story

The Hive Salon features a diverse range of hairdressers all bound by the same philosophy: to give great hair without an excessive burden to the planet.

We believe in being able to work with any persons style, or texture of hair. All stylists offering specialty haircuts for wavy/curly/highly textured hair have undergone extensive training at The Hive. Stylists receive ongoing advanced training within the salon, as well as outside the salon, to keep their skills honed.

Apprentice stylists are licensed hairdressers with less than one year experience out of cosmetology school, who are taking the next step in their career by attending twice weekly advanced education through The Hive Salon, as well as assisting senior staff and taking clients.  Although they all train together, each stylist has curated their own unique skill set and areas of expertise. We encourage you to review their bios and peruse their online portfolios to help determine who might be the best fit for your unique needs. At any time, you can feel free to change stylists based on your evolving style.